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Joseph C. Jasaitis

At the Law Offices of Joseph C. Jasaitis we are committed to providing high quality legal representation to individuals, families and businesses in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Manasquan, NJ

Joseph C. Jasaitis has been providing legal services in Monmouth and Ocean Counties in the areas of real estate, estate planning/wills/probate and business law, for almost 20 years. As an experienced attorney, Joseph C.

Gillman, Bruton & Capone, LLC

Experienced attorneys at the top of their fields, with the shared goal of delivering quality advice and representation to our clients providing them peace of mind during what can be stressful times in life.

Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Marc has helped thousands of clients to save their homes, restructure their debt and obtain their discharges. He understands that bankruptcy is a difficult time for a family and he works to help you with a fresh financial start. Call (732) 528-1166 today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Gillman, Bruton & Capone, LLC


Freehold, NJ

For over 20 years, Edward has been practicing law in New York and New Jersey focusing his practice on commercial and residential real estate transactions, commercial lending and other transactions.

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