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Franklin County Employment Lawyers

Scott, Scriven & Wahoff LLP

Dedicated to serving the needs of management.

Columbus, OH

The lawyers of Scott, Scriven & Wahoff LLP are dedicated to providing high-quality legal representation in a cost-effective manner to public and private employers throughout Ohio. Committed to exclusively serving the needs of management, we understand the legal problems employers face and strive to creatively solve those problems.

Beery & Spurlock Co., L.P.A.

Columbus, Ohio Transportation, Labor & Employment and Business Law Firm with 37 Years of Experience

Columbus , OH

Beery & Spurlock Co., L.P.A. -Administrative law -Antitrust and trade regulation -Business law -Business litigation -Corporate law -Environmental law -Labor and employment -Litigation -Taxation -Transportation law -Workers compensation Transportation law. Beery & Spurlock Co., L.P.A.

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