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Voudris Law LLC

Representing employees who have been wrongfully terminated, suffered discrimination in the workplace, or have not been paid their overtime wages, tips or any wages for any unpaid time

Chagrin Falls, OH

Employment discrimination attorneys whose employment law, overtime pay and discrimination law practice areas and cases include: Wrongful Termination Lawsuits; Failure to Hire Cases; Employment Discrimination Suits; Race Discrimination; National Origin Discrimination; Age Discrimination; Religious Discrimination; Disability Discrimination; Handicap Discrimination; Sex Discrimination; Pregnancy Discrimination; Sexual Harassment; Retaliation; Hostile Work Environment;

Attorney in Cleveland, OH Member, National Moot Court Trial Team. Recipient, International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Art of Advocacy. Areas of Law: Litigation Experience & Credentials: Position: Associate Admission Details: -Admitted in 1989, Ohio -1992, U.S. Law School Attended: University of Notre Dame Law School Class of 1989 J.D. University Attended: James

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