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Orleans County Employment Lawyers

Robert B. Landry III, PLC

Employment Law Negotiation and Litigation Attorneys - Justice for the Employee

Baton Rouge, LA

Farrugia Law Firm, LLC

New Orleans Attorney Committed to Excellent Legal Representation

New Orleans, LA

A Louisiana employment law, whistleblower litigation and personal injury law firm representing individuals, employees and businesses in New Orleans With more than 35 years of trial experience, attorney Victor Farrugia is known by both clients and peers for his integrity and dedication to excellent legal representation.

Quinn & Alsterberg

New Orleans, LA

Degan, Blanchard & Nash

Degan, Blanchard & Nash is a full-service law firm located in the New Orleans Central Business District, as well as in Baton Rouge, Louisiana's state capitol.

New Orleans, LA

Our attorneys are graduates of the top law schools in the United States, including Georgetown University, Tulane University, University of California-Davis, Louisiana State University and Loyola University.

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