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Dekalb County Business Lawyers

Law Office of Laurel G. Yancey, P.C.

Telecommunications Lawyer

Atlanta, GA

Telecommunications Lawyer As users of communications services, individuals and businesses should be informed of legislation, laws, regulations, governmental proceedings and court decisions to understand the impact of these actions on social, cultural and economic activities in our 21st century society.

Pendergast & Associates, P.C

Established in 1991 by John F. Pendergast, the firm provides a full range of legal services to the financial services industry.

Atlanta, GA

Pendergast & Associates, P.C. maintains an active commercial and real estate litigation practice by representing lenders and corporate property owners in foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, property management, and REO Closing disputes. Pendergast & Associates, P.C.'s trademark is individualized customer service.

Patrick Law Group, LLC

We are Transactional Experts.

Atlanta, GA

Highly Experienced. Client Focused. PATRICK LAW GROUP is an agile, results-driven law firm focused on preparing and negotiating Business Contracts for our Clients in the United States and abroad.

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The Collins Firm

My practice is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals and small businesses including providing legal assistance in a wide variety of legal needs that you may have now and in the future. Free phone consultation.

Atlanta, GA

Terri K. Benton Attorney at Law, LLC

Business Law/Corporate Governance

Macon, GA

My practice provides assistance to emerging start-ups and established businesses in the areas of contract review, drafting contracts, and providing ongoing counsel.

Susan Shaw

Decatur , GA

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J. Thomas Law LLC

I practice general civil litigation throughout Atlanta and Northwest Georgia, including contract, business, tort, family, estate planning, and property law.

Atlanta, GA

Jacquelyn "Jacquie" Thomas is an experienced civil litigator who has practiced in both large and small law firm settings. She decided to open her own practice to serve her clients more directly and flexibly. Originally from Michigan, Jacquie moved to Tallahassee in 2006 to attend Florida State University.

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The Berney Law Group

Atlanta, GA

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