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Montgomery County Business Lawyers

Marvin H. Campbell, Esq.

Law Firm in Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery, AL

Civil Trial Practice in State and Federal Courts, Business and Commercial Litigation, Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets, Business Tort Litigation, Construction Law, Contracts, Environmental Law, Real Estate Litigation, Arbitration.

Webster, Henry, Lyons,Bradwell, Cohan & Black, P.C.

Webster, Henry, Lyons, Bradwell, Cohan & Black, P.C., rated AV by Martindale-Hubbell, was established as Webster & Henry, P.C., on January 1, 2001, by its original shareholders, William H. Webster and D. Mitchell Henry.

Montgomery, AL

T. Randall Lyons joined as a shareholder in September 2001. Since being joined in 2010 by shareholders John R. Bradwell, Robert C. Black, Jr., Michael J. Cohan, and Scott M. Speagle, the firm has taken on its present name. The firm has since added Kimberly S. DeShazo, Frank E.

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