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Jefferson County Business Lawyers

Wilson & Berryhill, P.C.

Law Firm in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL

Trial & Appellate Practice in the Insurance & Corporate Defense Litigation Area Wilson & Berryhill is a law firm committed to the delivery of the highest quality legal representation and advice to its clients and seeking the clients' desired results as quickly, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. The attorneys

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Ely & Isenberg, LLC

Law Firm in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL

The lawyers of Ely & Isenberg, LLC routinely represent individuals and businesses in state and federal trial courts and alternate dispute resolution forums in Alabama, and recently expanded its practice to include Georgia and Tennessee.

Meadows & Howell, LLC

Birmingham Tax Attorneys

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham tax attorney at Meadows & Howell will help solve I.R.S. tax debt by providing diligent representation to clients in state and federal courts, as well as internal audits and appeals with the I.R.S. or local revenue departments.

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Badham & Buck, LLC

Badham & Buck, LLC is a civil litigation trial firm located in Birmingham, Alabama that focuses on commercial litigation and class actions. The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of business-related disputes.

Birmingham, AL

The attorneys of Badham & Buck compete in a high-stakes arena. We work on complex cases involving millions of dollars. We have a history and tradition of successfully prosecuting and defending claims involving difficult legal issues and challenging facts.

Somma & Macon PC

\Birmingham, AL

Wainwright, Pope & McMeekin, P.C.

Civil litigation firm located in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AL

Statement of Practice Summary: Worker's Compensation Law Litigation

Kearney Hutsler

Birmingham, , AL

The Watson Firm

Birmingham , AL

Gathings Law

Birmingham, AL

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