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Washington Workers Compensation Lawyers

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We Care Legal, PLLC

We are founded on strong morals and act in our clients best interest. It is our goal to get our clients the benefits they deserve so they can return to a more comfortable quality of life. We stand for you.

Spokane Valley, WA

You Matter. You are more than a claim number. We Care Legal is founded on our care and empathy for our clients. We are a company made up of morally driven individuals that have come together to help improve the quality of life of others. Our clients come to us in

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The Grady B. Martin Law Office


Seattle, WA

Being injured at work can have devastating physical, emotional, and financial consequences. Our workers' compensation system is supposed to provide appropriate medical and monetary benefits to injured workers and their families. Unfortunately, the system often works too slowly or fails altogether. We will take the time to listen to your concerns

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Law Office of Bryan P. Stubbs

Bryan P. Stubbs Personal Injury Lawyer Tacoma WA Workers Compensation cases (on the job injuries), Third Party Labor and Industries cases, Auto cases and Social Security Disability cases. Over 25 years experience . BBB A+ rated

Tacoma, WA

Our office has been handling Personal injury ( Workers Compensation, Auto cases and social security disability ) for over 75 years. It started with my father H. Frank Stubbs who practiced law for over 50 years and I, Bryan P. Stubbs have been practicing over 25 years.

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Get the compensation you deserve.
We've helped 265 clients find attorneys today.
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