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Mississippi Workers Compensation Lawyers

The Pearson Law Firm

Experience And Persistence In Workers Compensation And Social Security Disability

Oxford, MS

The Pearson Law Firm offers in-depth knowledge of the way the legal system works and how to achieve the best possible results. As an attorney, Keith assists clients throughout Mississippi with more than workers' compensation cases.

Braddock Law Firm

Hattiesburg , MS

Arnold Law Firm, LLC

Arnold Law Firm, LLC is a Mississippi law firm focused on serving the people of Mississippi. We strive to be aggressive, resourceful, and highly effective.

Brandon, MS

Arnold Law Firm, LLC offers a wide range of legal services, including, but not limited to: Wills, Trusts, and Estates Estate Administration Probate Will Contests

Jones Law Group

Jones Law Group Fighting For Your Rights

Jackson, MS

Areas of Law -Personal Injury -Slip and Fall -Product Liability -Social Security Disability -Truck Accident -Workers Compensation -Wrongful Death -Motorcycle Accident -Bicycle Accident -Business Litigation -Car Accident -T-Bone Accident -Sideswipe Accident -Hit and Run Accident -Head on Collision -Rear End Accident -Side-Impact Collision Call 601-272-2406 today to schedule your free initial consultation. We also offer fixed hourly rates and contingency fees.

Lunsford Baskin & Priebe, PLLC

Our firm is dedicated to helping injured workers. We are the only law firm with offices in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Colorado handling Workers' Compensation claims for workers in each state.

Jackson, MS

Get Help BEFORE the Problems Start! Try the Workers' Comp HOTLINE: 888.931. Our legal team can help you through the Workers' Comp process step-by-step. We are dedicated to protecting the healthcare and compensation rights of injured workers.

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We've helped 265 clients find attorneys today.
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