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Smith Legal Group

Spartanburg, SC

Cummings & Lewis, LLC

Born and raised in Spartanburg, the attorneys at Cummings & Lewis, LLC have made it their goal to serve the people of the Upstate no matter how big or small the case may be.

Spartanburg, SC

With over fifty (50) years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at Cummings & Lewis, LLC offer a wide range of legal services including help with Social Security Disability Matters, Personal Injury, Auto-Accidents, On the Job Accidents, Probate and Estate Matters, General Civil Litigation and Criminal Matters. Our attorneys

Bluestein Thompson Sullivan, LLC

We're passionate about serving our veterans and we are honored to serve South Carolinians and their families.

Columbia , SC

Whether you've been injured on the job, are unable to work due to illness or injury, have been in a collision, or have been charged with a crime, you deserve legal representation that will stand by you and help you put the pieces of your life back together. Bluestein Attorneys

Law Office of Nicholas G. Callas P.A

We are aggressive, effective, experienced, and deliver results.

Columbia, SC

We focus on fighting for injured workers all over South Carolina. AREAS OF LAW -Social Security Disability -Social Security Disability Application -SSDI Denied Claims -Supplemental Security Income -Workers Compensation -Construction Accidents -Falls from Heights -Trip and Fall or Slip and Fall Injuries -Electrocution -Exposure to Chemicals and other Hazardous Materials -Traffic Accidents -Repetitive Trauma Injuries -Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries -Permanent Disability -Personal Injury -Auto Accidents -Hit

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