Harris County Real Estate Lawyers

Holladay, Mullins & Bray

The firm was established in 1999. W. Paul Holladay, Jr. has been a practicing attorney since 1962 and has been involved in the land title industry for over forty years.

Houston, TX

Keith A. Mullins has practiced real estate law for over 30 years and represents a number of banks, lending institutions and real estate investors and developers. L. Steve Bray has been licensed since 1977 and practices in real estate and lending. Mr.

Randle Law Office Ltd., L.L.P.

Exceeding client expectations through exceptional results.

Houston, TX

The Randle Law Office Ltd., L.L.P. has over 25 years of experience assisting clients throughout the Houston, Texas area in a broad range of real estate law, government and municipal law, business law, and banking matters.

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The Law Office of Larry P.Smith

Houston, TX

Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates

Build a Partnership with a Law Firm That Will Strengthen Your Business.

Houston, TX

At the law firm of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates, we provide small and mid-sized Texas businesses with comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective legal advice and representation.

Law Office of J. Jake Smolik, PLLC

Firm Summary

Houston, TX

The Law Office of J. Jake Smolik, PLLC is devoted to real estate law and oil and gas title. Mr.

Quadros, Migl & Crosby PLLC

A boutique practice that provides value through persosal and flexible services to our clients.

Houston, TX

With over three decades of combined experience in a variety of fields, including bankruptcy, bankruptcy litigation, and complex commercial litigation and comprised of attorneys whose diverse professional backgrounds range from large multinational law firms to specialized boutique practices to in-house positions, our firm possesses the unique ability to maintain

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Steven Frankoff, Attorney at Law

Attorney Steven Frankoff has been serving communities in Houston and beyond for 40 years in many areas of law. Today, the team at The Law Office Of Steven Frankoff devote their time to help business owners and commercial clients.

Houston, TX

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