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Goldblatt Law Firm,

Quality Representation at an Affordable Price Accomplished Attorney Represents Clients Throughout Santa Clara County with Diligence and Determination Trusted counsel for business litigation, real estate litigation and criminal defense

Gilroy, CA

Experienced lawyer helps you navigate civil and criminal systems Unless you are an attorney or have a background in law, becoming embroiled in the legal system as a defendant or plaintiff can be confusing and confounding, threatening your business interests, real estate dealings, or your very freedom.

Clayton & McEvoy, P.C.

Serving The Needs Of Silicon Valley

San Jose, CA

Clayton & McEvoy, P.C., is located in downtown San Jose, California, the metropolitan hub of Silicon Valley. We provide legal expertise and professional integrity of the highest quality at a reasonable cost.

Hanna & Van Atta

Hanna & Van Atta is one of the most experienced law firms in California in real estate matters and the premier law firm in matters pertaining to common interest development in the State of California.

Palo Alto, CA

Located in Palo Alto, California, the firm represents commercial and residential developers, land users, and the commercial real estate and home building industries throughout California.

Transbay Law Group, PC

As a trusted advisor to growing companies and individuals, We are known for creative and cost-effective billing structures, flat-fee arrangements, and virtual general counsel services. We are your virtual, on-demand general counsel.

Redwood City, CA

Our practice areas include: Negotiating and Drafting Contracts -Software/Mobile Tech/Digital/Licenses -Stock and Asset Purchases -Debt and Equity Transactions -Requirements/Supply/Outsourcing Agreements -Mergers & Acquisitions/Due Diligence -Channel Partner/Reseller/Distributor Agreements -Manufacturing/Product Development Agreements -General Commercial Agmts and Corporate Governance -Attending and Preparing for Board Meetings/Minutes -Preparing ESOPs and Stock Option Plans -Corporate Compliance Reviews and Remediations Early-Stage/Corporate/Follow on Venture Financings -Risk Management/HR, IT and

Hanna & Van Atta

Menlo Park, CA

Gates Eisenhart Dawson

The San Jose based law firm of Gates Eisenhart Dawson offers clients a wealth of litigation & legal services.

San Jose, CA

Areas of Law -Business Litigation -Real Estate Litigation -Employment Litigation -Landlord-Tenant -Criminal Defense -Strategic Counseling -Corporate Law -Estate Planning -Probate -Taxation -Trust Administration Call (408) 288-8100 today to schedule your initial consultation.

John C. Clark Esq.

Morgan Hill , CA

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