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Orange County Medical Malpractice Lawyers


Walkon Law Firm

Capistrano Beach, CA

At the Walkon Law Firm, we are experts in Medical Malpractice law, representing people injured while under the care of physicians, nurses, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.

Makarem & Associates, APLC

If you believe you've been injured by your lawyer's professional negligence, the legal malpractice attorneys at Makarem & Associates are here for you.

Los Angeles,, CA

At Makarem & Associates, we are committed to providing effective lawyering for our clients. Our lawyers work closely with clients and implement creative practical strategies to protect our clients' interests. We represent a wide variety of clientele including consumers and professionals at all levels of State and Federal Court.


Laguna Niguel, CA

Gibson & Hughes

Santa Ana, CA

Hunter Law, PC

Excellence Is A Habit

Irvine, CA

We will work with you and develop a plan to get the results you need and deserve. Through our established habits, understanding of the law and your understanding of the facts, we will forge a path to success.

Avvocato LLC

Newport Beach , CA

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We've helped 175 clients find attorneys today.
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