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Borghese Legal, Ltd.

Trademark attorney, intellectual property attorney, internet law, and business law firm

Las Vegas, NV

Borghese Legal, Ltd. is a Las Vegas, Nevada law firm focused on trademarks, copyrights, internet, and transactional law. The firm provides legal services in the areas of trademark, copyright, business transactions, internet law, and corporate law.

Weide & Miller, Ltd.

Weide & Miller, Ltd. is an intellectual property and technology law firm providing legal services relating to patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and technology-related matters.

Las Vegas, NV

Weide & Miller, Ltd. has been awarded the highest rating in Martindale-Hubbell, AV. Weide & Miller, Ltd. offers services relating to a wide variety of technologies, including mechanical and chemical inventions, electronic components and circuitry including telecommunications devices and systems, computer hardware and software, games and gaming devices.

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