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Cuyahoga County Divorce Lawyers

Karen Cameratta LPA

Member of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Member of the Texas Bar Association Prior Officer of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of San Antonio

Strongsville, OH

Since 1993, Karen J. Cameratta has established a successful practice in the field of Family Law on the concept of Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration. As a result, Karen has provided clients more than 25 years professional services that are client-focused and in a successful and healthy environment.

Practice Areas: Commercial Litigation; Business Litigation; Real Estate; Business Transactions; Public Entity; General Consultation Admitted: 1973, Ohio Law School: Case Western Reserve University, J.D. Member: Greater Cleveland, Ohio State and American Bar Associations; The Association of Trial Lawyers of America; Defense Research Institute. Born: Madison, Wisconsin, December 12, 1944

Nicholas P. Weiss LLC

Nicholas P. Weiss, LLC provides experienced, effective litigation and advocacy throughout Northeast Ohio.

Cleveland Heights, OH

At Nicholas P. Weiss, LLC you're not getting a lawyer, you're getting the safety and peace of mind that comes with hiring a tireless advocate looking out for your best interests. Areas of Law -Family Law -Divorce -Dissolution -Custody Disputes -Spousal Support -Child Support -Consumer Law -Probate Administration -Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning -Litigation -Cannabis Law -Landlord and Tenant Law Call 216-282-7263

Laubacher & Co., Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Protecting Your Rights and Safeguarding Your Children's Future.

Rocky River , OH

Filing for Divorce in Cleveland? We Provide Compassionate & Comprehensive Solutions Ending a marriage is stressful. In addition to the emotional challenges that accompany divorce, ending a marriage can become a complex legal process. If you are considering divorce, you will need trustworthy legal counsel to help navigate the process.

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We've helped 85 clients find attorneys today.
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