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Mobile County Divorce Lawyers

Peggy R. Nikolakis, LLC

In our practice, we put children first.

Mobile, AL

With Peggy Nikolakis's background in education, she understands the needs of children. Children's best interest will always come first. If you're concerned about your rights as a parent or have questions about divorce, parenting time, or custody, contact us.

Open for Business

Renee Thiry with Thiry & Caddell, LLP

When Going It Alone Is Not An Option - Call Renee Thiry at 251-478-8880 to schedule your initial consultation.

Mobile, AL

Renee focuses her practice on the following Areas of Practice: -Workers Compensation -Longshore/Shipyard Worker Claims -Social Security Disability -Wills & Estates -Family law -Personal Injury Call her if you are looking for an attorney that you feel confident will help you with your legal issues. For your convenience, she is available via Zoom and FaceTime.

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Considering Divorce?
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We've helped 85 clients find attorneys today.
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