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Kanawha County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Forbes Law Offices, PLLC

Experienced Litigators handling complex trials and appeals. We focus on serious Personal Injury & Criminal Defense throughout West Virginia.

Charleston , WV

The Forbes Law Offices are known for their dedication to their clients and their skill in the courtroom. Whether you've been injured yourself or lost a loved one, our personal injury practice can investigate the case and pursue compensation on your behalf.

David Schles, Attorney at Law

When you've been charged with a crime, time is of the essence. Protecting your rights today will help protect your options in the future.

Charleston, WV

The Law Office of David Schles in Charleston, West Virginia, is dedicated to helping residents of West Virginia defend themselves against charges ranging from a simple misdemeanor to murder.

Campbell Law Offices

The office of Campbell Law Offices practices law in Charleston, West Virginia and throughout the State of West Virginia.

Charleston, WV

Our entire staff is dedicated to helping clients with their legal matters regarding: -State and Federal Criminal Defense -Personal Injury -Discrimination -DUI -Drug Crimes -White Collar Crimes -Production Law -Contract Law -Medical Board Protection Please contact our Charleston law firm with questions about your legal issue. Provide as much information as possible regarding your inquiry.

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We've helped 95 clients find attorneys today.
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