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Mclennan County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law

Waco Attorneys Representing Accused Citizens throughout Central Texas. Over 39 Years of State and Federal Criminal Defense Experience.

Waco, TX

When facing the unknown consequences of a criminal charge, it is important to work with someone who can competently provide the aggressive representation you need. Russ Hunt Sr. has practiced criminal law in the Central Texas area for more than 39 years.

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Callahan & King, PLLC

Callahan and King is an office of skilled attorneys practicing criminal defense, personal injury, and family law in Waco, Texas and the surrounding areas. We believe every person has value, and that everyone deserves zealous legal representation.

Waco, TX

Callahan & King was created with a vision to serve the people of Central Texas. We have a passion for the practice of law, and for helping people obtain the outcomes they deserve. Our practice is dedicated to defending the rights of those injured, accused, or otherwise in need of

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We've helped 95 clients find attorneys today.
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