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Dekalb County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Raymond B. variety of clients. Most of the cases involve criminal defense work. this office performs a significant amount of personal inujury cases and other civil and domestic matters.

Peters, Rubin, Sheffield & Hodges, P.A.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in DeKalb County GA

Decatur, GA

We bring to the representation of our clients a combined 85 years of experience as former prosecutors, judges, or public defenders. We approach each case as proven trial and appellate lawyers, with a thorough knowledge of the law, compassion for our client, and unequaled advocacy in the courtroom.

The Abt Law Firm LLC

E. Jay Abt is a powerful "trial-oriented" criminal defense lawyer who is everything but stereotypical. Even before you retain his services, you will quickly understand that "business as usual" has no place with this lawyer.

Atlanta, GA

Mr. Abt practices criminal law in Federal, State and Juvenile jurisdictions, defending those who been accused, or are under investigation for involvement in today's complex crimes. Mr. Abt has twenty-five years of legal experience in defending clients who have been charged with nearly all known criminal offenses. "It is my

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We've helped 95 clients find attorneys today.
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