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Fairfax County Business Lawyers

Griggs & Adler, P.C.

Nation's Capitol Attorneys Deliver Results to Businesses and Individuals Using More than 55 Combined Years of Experience

Reston, VA

Advocating for clients in energy regulation, commercial real estate, and civil litigation. Based in Reston, Virginia, a Washington suburb, Griggs & Adler, P.C. serves nationally based clients in its energy and civil litigation practice, and D.C. and Northern Virginia clients in its commercial real estate practice.

Law Office of Arthur Weiss

The Law Office of Arthur Weiss has been assisting businesses and individuals in legal, tax, finance and accounting matters for 18 years. The firm has appeared in various civil and tax courts in defense of clients in a wide range of matters.

Herndon, VA

In addition to tax and legal matters, the Law Office handles business formation, dissolution, partnerships, corporations and sole proprietorships. With a background in finance and business valuation we provide turnkey service for purchasing or selling a business or business interest.

Kelly Guzzo, PLC

We are committed to helping individuals with matters that mean most in their lives: family, housing & finances. We are innovative, energetic & aggressive & tailor our representation for the best results for each client.

Fairfax, VA

Advocates for Individuals-call 703-424-7570 to request a consultation. Our offices are located in Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland & Hawaii. Our team of dedicated advocates will help you find your best options in the following areas: -Credit Report Mistakes -Mixed Credit Reports -Identity Theft -Debt Collection Abuse -Debt Collection Defense -Mortgage Loan Servicing Abuses -Wrongful Foreclosures -Payday &

Law Offices of Thomas J. Powell, P.C.

Virginia trial lawyers provide skilled representation in and out of the courtroom

Fairfax, VA

The Law Offices of Thomas J. Powell, P.C. was founded in 2001. Attorney Thomas Powell dedicates his practice to providing the highest quality general counsel, litigation and trial representation services to individuals and businesses from varied backgrounds and disciplines. Clients benefit from Attorney Thomas Powell's 25 years of experience

Matthew A. Clary, III

Attorney in Fairfax, VA.

Fairfax, VA

Areas of Law: -Securities Law and Litigation -Private Placement -Public Offerings -Mergers and Acquisitions -Emerging Growth Companies -Business Litigation

Legum Law LLC

Fairfax, VA

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McClanahan Powers

We built our reputation by taking care of yours.

Falls Church, VA

McClanahan Powers, PLLC is a Virginia-based Law Firm specializing in civil litigation, general business counsel, IP, data privacy & estate planning. Based in Fairfax County, Virginia, near the legislative and intellectual property hubs of Washington, D.C., the firm represents clients nationwide.

Law Offices of Danny M. Howell, PLLC

A Modern Approach to Serving Clients: Focus on the Work, Not the Frills.

McLean, VA

As law firms merge themselves into impersonal behemoths, with spiraling overhead, stifling bureaucracy, and skyrocketing rates, many clients are demanding an alternative that can deliver quality representation and personal attention to their needs, while charging them only for the value they receive. We are a small practice of seasoned

Robert D Roseman PC

For over 46 years, Robert Roseman has provided clients with comprehensive representation, with the goal of finding creative solutions that best fit their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Rockville, MD

Mr. Roseman strives to provide his corporate and not-for-profit business and real estate clients with the highest level of professional service using the most advanced technology available to produce a cost effective product for each client. Mr.

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A boutique DC lawfirm focusing in the areas of commercial real estate, corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, business transactions and government contracts.

Washington , DC

Companies, associations, and their managers confront a maze of administrative, legislative, and legal hurdles, both here in the U.S. and when competing abroad. They demand quality attorneys with the commitment to meet and exceed their business goals. Our seasoned lawyers offer decades of practical experience and the professional judgment required

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