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Davidson County Business Lawyers

Luna Law Group, PLLC

Law Firm in Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN

The law firm of the Luna Law Group, PLLC provides legal representation to corporate entities, state and local governments, and small business and individuals, with an emphasis in state and local government issues, regulatory affairs, intellectual property (trademark, copyright and royalties issues), probate, trust, estate planning and administration, and

Cumberland Law Group, LLPC

We provide services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporations, LLCs, and LPs, from one or two owners to hundreds of shareholders, across a broad area of industries.

Brentwood, TN

Our offices are located in Brentwood, TN Our areas of practice include: Corporate Law; Securities; Private Equity and Venture Capital; Emerging Businesses; Insurance and Administrative Law; Health Law; Medical Devices; Cybersecurity and Technology. Representative engagements include: M& A engagements, touching 38 states, with transaction values exceeding $2B Representation of buyers and sellers of

Open for Business

Purple Fox Legal

Nashville, TN

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