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Providence County Business Lawyers

D'Alessandro & Wright

At D'Alessandro & Wright, "We don' t want your case, we want your business for life".

Providence, RI

At D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC (D&W) our primary goal is to provide our clients with continued personal service as well as supplementing that service with strong negotiation and litigation options. Areas of Law -Personal Injury -Birth Defects -Burn Injuries -Car Accidents -Catastrophic Injuries -Construction Injuries -Dangerous Drugs -Defective Products -Dog Bites -Financial Compensation -Liability in a Personal Injury Claim -Medical Malpractice -Mesothelioma -Motorcycle Accidents -Nursing

Poore & Rosenbaum LLP

Dedicated law firm with 95 years' combined experience providing high quality legal representation

Providence, RI

Poore & Rosenbaum LLP in Providence, Rhode Island represents plaintiffs and defendants in Providence and Providence County in matters of arbitration & mediation, corporate real estate law, and more. The attorneys at Poore & Rosenbaum LLP have 95 years' combined legal experience in producing successful resolutions for clients.

Heald & LeBoeuf, Ltd.

Leading Rhode Island Construction Law & Litigation Law Firm

Providence, RI

Only Area Law Firm Concentrating Exclusively In Rhode Island And Massachusetts Construction Law The practice of Heald & LeBoeuf, Ltd. is concentrated in the area of construction law including litigation, arbitration, mediation, public bidding and contract law, mechanics' lien law, surety and bond law.

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