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Oklahoma County Business Lawyers

McCoy & Orta, P.C.

Oklahoma City, OK

Member Areas of practice: -Oil and gas law -Mineral title opinions -Title examination Admitted to practice: Oklahoma, 2006 Education: -Oklahoma City University College of Law, J.D. -Brasenose College, Oxford University, Oxford, England, 2003 -International Law Studies -University of Central Oklahoma, B.S. Professional memberships: -Oklahoma County Bar Association -Oklahoma Bar Association -American Bar Association Biography: -Born in Moore, Oklahoma -Moricoli & Schovanec, P.C.

Jayne Jarnigan Robertson, P.C.

After practicing 15 years with a medium sized firm in Oklahoma City, Ms. Robertson decided to open a solo practice in order to provide more personalized service to her clients.

Oklahoma City, OK

Currently focusing her practice in the areas of environmental and commercial law, Ms. Robertson also has extensive experience in oil and gas matters, including contracts and acquisitions.Ms.

Metro Law Firm, PLLC

We will identify your legal issues and recommend a course of action that best achieves your objectives.

Oklahoma City, OK

The Metro Law Firm, PLLC is a general practice law firm offering years of experience in a variety of legal fields. Whatever your legal issue, you can be confident you will receive expert advice and quality representation. Our primary practice areas include: -Business Law -Medical Marijuana Business -Wills and Probate -Guardianship -Divorce -Child Support -Child Custody -Adoption -Immigration -Medical

Robertson & Williams, Inc.

Oklahoma Oil & Gas and Business Attorneys

Oklahoma City, OK

Robertson & Williams provides legal services to businesses and the families that own them in Oklahoma City, throughout Oklahoma, and across the United States.

Rehl Law Firm

Oklahoma City, OK

Timothy Beets

Oklahoma City , OK

Nicholas G. Farha

Oklahoma City, OK

Kevin L Miller, PC

Oklahoma City, OK

Welch Law, PLC

Oklahoma City , OK

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