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Montgomery County Business Lawyers

Green & Green, Lawyers

Welcome to Green & Green Lawyers

Dayton, OH

At Green & Green Lawyers, our attorneys apply their experience in business law, commercial litigation, personal injury, construction and property damage litigation, as well as civil rights, labor relations, insurance, professional negligence and employment law issues. Green & Green Lawyers, established over 30 years ago, has grown steadily with highly

Cooper, Gentile & Washington Co., LPA

Representing employers, school districts and municipalities in employment and litigation matters.

Dayton, OH

Cooper & Gentile Co. provides quality legal services to employers, school districts, municipalities and other private and public institutions in practice areas including employment and labor, school law including special education, civil litigation and workers' compensation. Its attorneys combine many years of legal practice and community service in Dayton, Ohio

Subashi & Wildermuth

Subashi & Wildermuth is an AV-rated law firm of attorneys specializing in civil litigation.

Dayton, OH

Our primary practice areas include personal injury defense, employment law, and school law. In fact, Subashi & Wildermuth has been nationally recognized as the preeminent law firm for school law in southwest Ohio. With a diverse knowledge base, big-firm resources, and a tireless work ethic, our attorneys strive to solve

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