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Essex County Business Lawyers

CoffyLaw, LLC

Maplewood, NJ

Law Office of Alan Ozarow

Accepting transactional matters by referral.

Livingston, NJ

Morgan Melhuish Abrutyn

For over 100 years, Morgan Melhuish Abrutyn has been solving its clients' problems.

Livingston, NM

At Morgan Melhuish Abrutyn, we excel at finding innovative ways to reach our clients' goals in complex, challenging matters and have the results to prove it.

Nagel Rice

Above all, at Nagel Rice, LLP, we try cases, and we produce results.

Roseland, NJ

In our 34-year history, Nagel Rice has garnering over $1 billion in settlements and verdicts, including the largest jury verdict in a tort action in New Jersey history.

Turner Law Firm, LLC

Business Law & Civil Litigation Law Firm in NJ Since 1967

South Orange, NJ

More than 45 years of legal experience in creditors' rights, collections and corporate law Turner Law Firm, LLC handles collection law, creditors' rights, corporate law and civil litigation. We help our business clients recover money from debtors and in general business law.

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Offers Video Calls

The Law Office of David C. Galusi

Galusi Law

Jacksonville, FL

Open for Business

ProBiz Law

ProBiz Law - Your Partner for Success ProBiz specializes in helping businesses realize their full potential during all phases of their life cycle through the provision of proactive, comprehensive corporate and transactional legal support.

Mahwah, NJ


Maplewood, NJ

Melanie Ryan

Nutley , NJ

Gold Law Firm

Short Hills, NJ

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