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Clayton County Auto Accident Lawyers

Joel Isadore Cohen

I work to obtain excellent results for all my clients while also providing superior customer service. The best way to understand the results I achieve is to read my client reviews (see website). I provide free consultations. 404-993-2499

Atlanta, GA

Personal Injury / Auto Accidents If you have been injured and suffered physical and/or financial damage due to someone else's negligence, I can help. I will work to get you the maximum amount of money that you are entitled to and fight for your interests.

Law Office of Johnny Phillips, PC

It is our goal to provide the best client experience as well as the best legal representation through settlement or trial for all of our injured clients.

Atlanta, GA

Resolve your legal matters with the legal professionals at the Law Office of Johnny Phillips P.C.

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Jason R. Schultz P.C.

Georgia Serious Accident & Injury Lawyer

Peachtree City, GA

We are exclusively engaged in personal injury and wrongful death matters for the seriously injured. We were established in January, 1998. Example cases - A pedestrian crossing the road in a crosswalk was struck by a driver making a left hand turn.

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Kaufman & Lynd, PLLC

While our firm focuses on Personal Injury, we have years of experience providing legal services to individuals and companies in many areas of law. We provide these other services because of the comfort level and confidence our clients have in us.

Orlando, FL

Craig Lynd and I have been partners for almost two decades. While representing and being responsible for over fifty thousand cases, we have learned many important lessons.

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Washington Dreyer & Associates

We're devoted to exceptional legal support, specializing in personal injury, family law, business disputes, and government affairs. Our goal: championing clients' interests with integrity, compassion, and expertise for the best outcomes.

Atlanta, GA

Your Firm When The Unexpected Happens Our experienced attorneys understand your situation. We have a passion for justice, public advocacy and community engagement with 50 years of combined experience, knowledge, and skills to get you the results you deserve. Established by attorneys Quinton G.

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Swain Law Group

Atlanta, GA

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Get the compensation you deserve.
We've helped 215 clients find attorneys today.
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