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Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawyers

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Brainsky Levinson, LLC

A full-service law firm specializing on personal injury, corporate/transactional practice, and business litigation.

Seekonk, MA

Brainsky Levinson, LLC is a full service law firm serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and other jurisdictions on an as-needed basis. Our attorneys represent clients in nearly all facets of the law.

Pregent Law

Our mission at Pregent Law is to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, while delivering client-centered, cost-effective results. All cases are treated equally and with respect, no matter their size or magnitude.

Boston, MA

Pregent Law will fight to get you the outcome you deserve. Its founder, Travis Pregent, has been mentioned on CBS News and in a variety of local news sources. He is currently working on several high profile cases and has received uniformly excellent reviews from his many repeat clients. Clients

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