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Wyandotte County Wrongful Death Lawyers

DiPasquale Moore


Topeka, KS

When you or someone you know has sustained a life-changing injury due to the negligent, reckless or criminal actions of another party, take action immediately! At the law firm of DiPasquale Moore, our personal injury lawyers in Kansas City can walk with you through the unexpected hardships you are

Law Offices of G. Michael Fatall, L.L.C.

Personal Injury Attorney

Kansas City, MO

With over 35 years of experience representing the victims of personal injury, G. Michael Fatall has the knowledge and skill necessary to successfully handle your important legal case. Mr.

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McGreevy Law LLC

McGreevy Law, LLC focuses on representing those injured by others negligence, recklessness, and wrongdoing. I specialize in products liability, wrongful death, and personal injury litigation.

Westwood, KS

I am a solo practitioner, and I enjoy the freedom running my own firm gives me to take on the clients I want, to spend time volunteering where I want, and to represent clients pro bono (representation for no charge) when I want.

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