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Virginia Workers Compensation Lawyers

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Law Offices Charles W. O'Donnell, P.C.

For 25 years we have been dedicated to providing exceptional representation to injured workers. We NEVER represent an insurance company or an Employer. We only speak for the injured worker (or his/her survivors) in matters of Virginia Compensation!

Falls Church, VA

Harbison & Kavanagh

Mechanicsville, VA

The Law Office of B. Patrick Agnew PLLC

Injured on the Job? We Can Help!

Lynchburg, VA

After a work injury, the process for obtaining workers compensation benefits can be lengthy and confusing. Many of our clients tell us that the process is stressful, frustrating and unfair.


Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

Richmond , VA

At ReidGoodwin, we want to make injured people feel as whole as possible. Welcome to the law offices of ReidGoodwin. Our Richmond personal injury lawyers are passionate about taking care of people who have been injured throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC

Virginia Work Injury Lawyers

Richmond, VA

Reinhardt, Harper, Davis is a client-focused firm that is dedicated to the best interests of our clients with six experienced attorneys that are well-versed in the legal areas of workers' compensation, personal injury, and social security disability claims.

Open for Business
Offers Video Calls

Pathfinder Injury Law

Hurt at work? We'll show you the way. Pathfinder is a boutique workers' compensation firm in Richmond, VA. If you want competence, diligence, straight talk, and a lawyer who will treat you like a friend, we're for you.

Richmond, VA

You've never been hurt at work before. We've done this hundreds of times. We're Pathfinder Injury Law. Representing injured workers is all we do. We're not every other stuffy, self-important law firm.

Schilling & Esposito, PLLC

Here to Help You Recover When Injuries Change Your Life!

Richmond, VA

Auto accidents are the most ubiquitous cause of injuries in our state, with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reporting that in recent years, there have been more than 120,000 crashes reported per year as well as hundreds of fatalities.

Law Office of Darren Shoen, PLLC

Workers Compensation Attorney Protecting Virginia Workers

Bedford, VA

We are a full-service, hands-on injured workers' firm representing injured workers' across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our offices are located in Roanoke and Bedford, but we represent individuals from all over.

The Moses Law Firm, P.C.

We Represent Only Injured Workers! Contact Us For Wage Replacement, Permanency and Medical Workers' Compensation Benefits

Blacksburg, VA

Every year, thousands of Virginia workers are injured on the job.

Hogge Law

Norfolk, VA

Broadwell Law

Hampton , VA

Employment Law Virginia

Virginia Beach , VA

Law Offices of Andrew S. Kasmer

A Law Firm Dedicated to Providing Aggressive and Personalized Representation.

Fairfax , VA

Whether you come to us with an injury case or need our help with a criminal or traffic matter, we are here to help you in your time of need. Areas of Law -Motor Vehicle Accident -Workers' Compensation -Personal Injury -Criminal Traffic Defense -Traffic Law -Speeding Tickets -Driver Responsibility Assessment Program -Traffic Violations -Commercial Traffic Violations -Suspended License -DWI/DUI -Suspension/Revocation Hearings -Traffic Violations

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We've helped 265 clients find attorneys today.
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