Horry County Tax Lawyers

TaxSmith, LLC

We at Taxsmith understand that the idea of battling the IRS on your own can be scary, but we are here to alleviate that fear and worry. We will carefully evaluate your case and establish a plan for your particular issues so that you can gain control.

Manhattan, NY

TaxSmith's attorneys give your case the personal attention you need to fully resolve your case. No matter your location, you'll benefit from our experience in dealing with the IRS.

Gem McDowell Law Group

Preserve & Protect Your Assets.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Gem McDowell launched his own firm on January 1, 2010 to put all of his effort and resources into working on behalf of his own selected clients. After working as a solo practitioner for two years, he began to take on additional attorneys and grow the practice.

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