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Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers

Law Office of John J. LaRivee, Esq.

Representing clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Haverhill, MA

Attorney LaRivee has experience in a variety of civil matters including real estate, landlord/tenant disputes, collections, probate, wills, personal injury, products liability, family law, litigation through jury trial, appeals, business issues, employment, and disability claims (ERISA and Social Security).

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Law Offices of Steven J. Topazio

Boston , MA

Grossack Law Group

Grossak Law Group is Your Trusted Advocate For Individualized Attention For Real Estate Law Guidance

Newton, MA

Areas of Law -Real Estate -Collections -Foreclosures -Landlord and Tenant Law -Personal Injury -Business Litigation Call 617-306-6610 to schedule your initial consultation.

Wadman Law, LLC

Wadman Law, LLC is a full service law firm offering top level legal services in the areas of Criminal Law, Immigration and Personal Injury.

Worcester, MA

Attorney Wadman represents clients all across Massachusetts. His dedication to his clients is only rivaled by his hard work ethic. If you are need of legal counsel please contact Wadman Law, LLC. Areas of Law -Business Litigation -Construction Law -Criminal Law -Drug Violations -Burglary -Larceny -Assault -Driving Violations -Weapons Charges -Immigration Law -Green Cards for Permanent Residence in the United -States -Visas

Advocates Legal Group, LLP

Everything we do begins and ends with the client.

Auburn, MA

The Advocates Legal Group, LLP focuses their legal representation in the areas of landlord/tenant disputes, police misconduct, personal injury, consumer protection, and criminal defense. They handle cases throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, from Boston to the Berkshires. To schedule your free initial consultation call (508) 796-5737 today!

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We've helped 285 clients find attorneys today.
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