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Hennepin County Dui And Dwi Lawyers

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Grostyan Law, PLC

DWI and Criminal Defense. All Felony and Misdemeanor cases.

Minneapolis, MN

Criminal Defense and DWI Defense attorney. 21 years of experience defending DWI, drug possession, assault, domestic assault, theft and all serious Felony charges. State and Federal Court. Anthony Grostyan is an experienced criminal defense attorney with a record of case dismissals and acquittals.

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Martin Law Offices, PLLC

Criminal Defense Attorney Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN

Martin Law Offices, a Minnesota Criminal and DWI defense law firm, aggressively and thoroughly represents our clients' rights in the courtroom. We handle a number of different types of criminal and DWI cases in Minneapolis, St Paul, and greater Minnesota.

Keyser Law, P.A.

Christopher Keyser is an MSBA Certified Criminal Law Specialist, a distinction less than 3% of licensed Minnesota lawyers hold. He consistently obtains acquittals, dismissals, and reduced charges for clients facing charges in state and federal court.

Minneapolis, MN

Keyser Law, P.A. is a Minnesota criminal defense, DWI defense, and immigration law firm with offices in Minneapolis and Stillwater. We represent individuals accused or charged with criminal offenses in state and federal court.


Twin Cities Criminal Defense and DWI Attorney - Defending the Accused

Minneapolis, MN

When the stakes are this high, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. Contact me, criminal defense attorney Justin Schiks. I represent clients in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and throughout Minnesota. I have achieved positive results for criminal defense clients facing charges ranging from shoplifting to homicide.

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Meaney & Patrin, P.A./DWI Guys

Put Your Trust In The DWI Guys We have helped thousands of clients successfully fight their case

Andover, MN

The DWI Guys Are Prepared To Protect You: Alcohol-related laws are serious. They can be charged as criminal offenses. You could lose your driver's license. There could be extensive fines, vehicle confiscation and jail time. The law team attorneys at Meaney & Patrin, P.A., are Minnesota's DWI guys.

Hoglund & Mrozik

Roseville, MN

Martine Law, PLLC

Minneapolis , MN


Minneapolis, MN

Lauren Campoli, PLLC

Certified Criminal Law Specialist with over a decade of experience in Minneapolis and the surrounding area. Pursuing Justice Without Limits

Minneapolis, MN

Powerful Defense Representation Lauren Campoli, PLLC is a criminal defense firm focused on results. Whether you want to take your case to trial or resolve your case prior to trial our compassionate team will listen to you, fight for you, and give you the best defense possible. Solid Experience Our criminal

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We've helped 115 clients find attorneys today.
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