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New York Divorce Lawyers

Nancy L. Giardina, Esq.

A different type of divorce lawyer when you want a better method that promotes healing and wellness for families.

Syracuse, NY

Attorney Nancy Giardina of Syracuse will help you restructure your family outside of a courtroom. Respect, honesty and fairness are values that guide Nancy in her relationships with clients. She will treat you like a team member and will listen to you, teach you and guide you.

Aiello & DiFalco, LLP

Long Island Family Law Firm

Garden City, NY

We offer representation across the full spectrum of family law issues. Areas of Law -Divorce -Family Law -Mediation and Collaborative Practice Call 516-862-4035 today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Law Offices of Susan Chana Lask

Susan Chana Lask is New York's "High Powered", "High Profile" attorney that you want on your side.

New York, NY

Representing State and Federal Civil & Criminal Cases, and Appeals in the 5 Boros and NY State. Susan has over 25 years litigating complex State, Federal and appellate cases and in the

Mueller Law Firm

New York , NY

Capetola & Divins

Williston Park , NY

Considering Divorce?
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We've helped 85 clients find attorneys today.
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