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North Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers

Saad Law has handled over 100,000 criminal charges in Wake County and devotes their practice to defending citizens who are the subject of criminal charges, both in the DWI arena and all other areas of criminal law.

Raleigh, NC

Saad Law is led by Steven Saad spent who years as a Supervisor in the Wake County District Attorney's Office where he oversaw the prosecution of every DWI, misdemeanor, and traffic case charged in Raleigh and the surrounding cities.

Law Office of Paige Feldman, PLLC

Navigating You Through the Legal Storms

Raleigh, NC

Nick Falk Attorney at Law

Nile K. "Nick" Falk will represent your criminal defense legal matters.

Rocky Mount, NC

"Will the defendant please rise. If you or a loved one are hearing those words, the fear and disruption to your life can be overwhelming. You need a lawyer who knows not only the law, but how to guide you through the criminal justice system Contact Nile K.

Law Office of Franklin L. Jones, Jr.

In 1998, I established my practice in the heart of Halifax County, North Carolina, right on US Highway 301 across from the Halifax County courthouse.

Halifax, NC

I had always worked tirelessly to help those in my community, but I knew as an attorney I could take that drive a step further.

RTS Law Group

Charlotte, NC

Sullivan Law

Bolivia , NC

McFarland Law

Raleigh , NC

Johnson & Nicholson, PLLC

We are a full-service law firm dedicated to providing quality legal services in a cost-efficient manner.

Charlotte , NC

Our founding partners, Carnell Johnson and Elaine Nicholson, are a husband and wife team, who are seasoned attorneys with outstanding reputations in the legal community. They have years of experience in the private and public sector.


Kernersville , NC

Harkey Litigation

Winston-Salem , NC

Nelson Law Office

Smithfield , NC

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We've helped 95 clients find attorneys today.
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