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Kings County Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Lebedin Kofman LLP

Aggressive Representation, Personal Attention to Every Client. Hundreds of 5-star reviews! Call us today for a free consultation and an attorney will return your call within 5 minutes to discuss your case and explain how we can help. We get results.

Garden City, NY

At Lebedin Kofman LLP, we are attentive legal representatives, and we understand the difficulties that you are facing.

Law Office of Charles A. Miller

When Your Freedom and Dignity are at Stake, You Deserve to Have Someone in Your Corner.

New York, NY

The Law Offices of Charles Andrew Miller are dedicated to providing high quality representation to our clients. We specialize in all aspects of criminal defense and vehicle/traffic litigation. Our offices are strategically located within New York City, in close proximity to all of the city's courts.

Law Offices of Alexander M. Dudelson

Aggressive Brooklyn Attorney

Brooklyn, NY

The Law Offices of Alexander M. Dudelson was established in 2009 with a special commitment to thorough, personal client service. The firm offers rapid, responsive and reliable advocacy within the five boroughs of New York City and eastern Long Island.

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Rosenberg Law Firm

An experienced criminal defense lawyer and appellate advocate, Jonathan leads a fearless team of experienced litigator who work together to achieve favorable results in both the federal and state criminal courts, as well as the appellate courts.

Brooklyn, NY

When you're up against the government, you need the best.

Usher Law Group

At Usher Law Group, we put your rights first. Client communication, creativity and tenacity are what we value. Your rights are our top priority and we will fight hard to stand up for you.

New York, NY

Mike Usher isthe founder and principle memberof Usher Law Group P.C.He is a graduate of Brooklyn College (CUNY) where he received aBachelor's in Political Science. After graduating college, Mike worked as the head of purchasing for an international furniture import and distribution company.

Manrique Law

Pearl River, NY

Michael Colihan

Brooklyn , NY

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The Law Office of Caner Demirayak, Esq.

CANER IS A TRIAL ATTORNEY AND A FIGHTER If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime you need strong representation to avoid spending time in jail. Caner is in the criminal courts weekly and provides robust defense for all cases.

Brooklyn , NY

Caner holds the prosecution to its burden by filing suppression motions, arguing at hearings where the police violated your rights in making a case against you, representing clients at the grand jury if in the rare chance they should testify, selecting juries and trying cases and forcing the prosecution

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Rybak Law Firm

Car Accident Lawyer Brooklyn NY | New York Personal Injury Lawyer | New York Construction Accident Lawyer WE ARE COMMITTED TO CLIENT SERVICE, WE FIGHT FOR YOU!

Brooklyn, NY

Personal Injury Lawyer Brooklyn NY Representing Injured People in New York A serious injury is a life-changing event that will create all sorts of anxiety and uncertainty. The recovery process can be very painful and challenging.

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