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North Carolina Business Lawyers

Providence Law

Charlotte , NC

Sumrell Sugg, P.A.

Sumrell Sugg has a long history of earning long-term relationships with clients. We are dedicated to respecting and upholding the law while exploring all opportunities of service for our clients.

New Bern , NC

Sumrell Sugg is a progressive legal firm that strives to always deliver exemplary responsiveness to our clients. Whether clients are individuals, corporations, or local governments and municipalities, our firm delivers on an undeviating promise of service. Part of that service is the recognition that today's attorneys must know not only

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Martin, Van Hoy & Raisbeck LLP

At Martin, Van Hoy & Raisbeck, we deliver advantageous solutions to North Carolinians in a wide range of legal matters. Established in 1952, our general practice law firm is proud to be a trusted member of the Mocksville professional community.

Mocksville , NC

Our team supplies knowledgeable representation to clients in the following areas: Family law — We assist people facing divorce and related disputes involving child custody, child support and other family law problems. Business law — As part of our business law practice, we provide corporate entity formation and contract negotiation services

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