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Louisiana Business Lawyers

Salley Law Firm

Covington , LA

Ciolino & Onstott

Here to guide you through the unknown

New Orleans, LA

Ciolino & Onstott has been helping clients navigate all of the complexities and uncertainty surrounding their legal issues since 2015. We focus on providing transparent, affordable, and high quality legal services to the people and businesses of the Greater New Orleans Area. Ciolino & Onstott helps clients navigate their claim

Lowe, Stein, Hoffman, Allweiss & Hauver, L.L.P.

Lowe Stein: A Firm Built One Lawyer At A Time.

New Orleans, LA

In a period of dynamic and important change in the legal profession, we have a sense of our history and a focus on our future.

Harrell & Nowak, LLC

New Orleans, LA 70112, LA

Guste, Barnett, Schlesinger, Henderson & Alpaugh, L.L.P.

Experienced New Orleans Attorneys Provide Clients in Louisiana with Excellent Service

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, Louisiana commercial litigation, insurance and products liability law firm Guste, Barnett, Schlesinger, Henderson & Alpaugh, L.L.P. has a reputation for being a reliable, efficient and knowledgeable law firm that is dedicated to delivering the highest quality legal counsel. We place a strong emphasis on providing you with excellent, honest


Intelligent Advocacy, Simplified.

New Orleans, LA

Civil litigation law firm located in New Orleans, Louisiana with a focus on employment, business, construction, civil rights, and appellate law. Other legal services include: review and drafting of contracts, assistance with business formation and governance, and legal advice.

Quinn & Alsterberg

New Orleans, LA

Ben Luke Law LLC

Marksville, LA

Whitehead Law Firm

Baton Rouge, LA

Sarah W. Anderson

Baton Rouge, LA

Abrams & Lafargue, L.L.C.

Abrams & Lafargue, L.L.C. is a boutique law firm located in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Shreveport, LA

Attorneys Reginald W. Abrams and Julie M. Lafargue maintain an individualized approach to client relationships to guarantee personal, effective service. With over sixty years of combined experience managing cases and tailoring specific strategies for success, Abrams & Lafargue provide counsel that is both personal and effectual for your case.

The Cohn Law Firm

Baton Rouge, LA Law Firm With 50 Years' Combined Experience

Baton Rouge, LA

Providing reliable and quality legal services The attorneys at Baton Rouge's The Cohn Law Firm have the skills and knowledge to help clients throughout Louisiana with a broad range of legal issues.

Smitherman, Hill & Brice, L.C.

The commitment of Smitherman, Hill & Brice, L.C., is to serve its clients' needs in a professional, efficient, and responsive manner with the highest degree of personal involvement, competence, creativity, and initiative.

Shreveport, LA

Founded in 1922 by James E. Smitherman and his brother, David E. Smitherman, the Firm has a tradition of providing a complete spectrum of civil legal services, while devoting individual attention to every client.

Scott Sternberg

New Orleans, LA

Duke Law Firm, LLC

Baton Rouge, LA

Angela Adolph

Baton Rouge, LA

Feingerts Law

New Orleans , LA

Simon & Simon

New Iberia , LA

Thornhill Law Firm, A PLC

1308 9th Street , LA

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