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New York Auto Accident Lawyers

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Elliott KatsNelson, Esq.

I am proud to have personally represented over 2,000 injured people since 1998 and have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for my clients. I fight and win against some of the largest insurance companies and their lawyers.

Brooklyn , NY

When you or a family member is injured, picking the right lawyer can be the most important decision for your case. You can rely on me for experience and quality service. My reputation for conducting myself in a highly professional manner is well-known.

Kobernitski Law, PC

Taking a Stand for Justice.

New York, NY

Injured in New York? Obtain the compensation you deserve for your accident or personal injury with the help of KOBERNITSKI LAW. From accidents to medical malpractice, we have the experience and top-level skills to help you and your family pursue your claim in court. We have extensive experience in handling

Nichols Law Office, PLLC

About The Firm

Syracuse , NY

Getting injured in a car accident can cause not only physical pain but also emotional stress and financial strain. No matter the cause or severity of the accident, you need to hire a personal injury attorney that is experienced with pursuing compensation for your pain and suffering. Whether the other

Rappaport, Glass, Levine & Zullo, LLP


New York, NY

Though the scope of different personal injury claims can be very large, there isn't a single one that's outside our area of expertise. Different types of cases can have very different approaches though, and sometimes lack of familiarity with a particular type of accident or injury may have you

Terry Katz & Associates, P.C.

When you can't work and earn the living you are used to, we will get you the workers' compensation and benefits you deserve. We also help with SSD filings & appeals.

Uniondale , NY

Since 1992, Terry Katz & Associates, PC, has helped over 25,000 New York workers injured on-the-job and those rendered unable to continue their careers, obtain max workers' compensation and disability benefits. Serving clients throughout Long Island and New York City, our workers' compensation attorneys know the law thoroughly, have negotiated

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Leonick Law, P.L.L.C

Leonick Law, a practice focusing on Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Elder Law and Estate Planning on Long Island. Based in Commack, New York, Leonick Law services clients from Montauk to Manhattan, Suffolk and Nassau county.

Commack, NY

The experienced Personal Injury Lawyers at Leonick Law have over 30 years of experience in the field. Leonick Law has represented clients in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace related accidents, slip and falls, dog bites and many different types of cases.

Steve Foley Law Firm

Injury Justice for Injury Victims -- Fighting for injury survivors for more than 30 years. We take injury cases from pain and uncertainty to resolution and recovery.

Buffalo, NY

We are proud to help people who have experienced serious accidents and injuries restore their financial health and take steps toward brighter futures. If you have been hurt, it is your right to fight back and hold the responsible parties accountable for your injuries, losses, and damages. Areas of Law -Car

Rubenstein & Rynecki

New York City Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice and Civil Rights Attorneys Fight For Justice

Brooklyn , NY

Personal injury and civil rights attorneys maximize results for clients Personal injury law stems from the old, common sense notion that a person who carelessly harms someone else has an obligation to restore that person to their standing before the injury.

The O'Connor Law Firm

Staten Island, NY

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The Orlow Firm

Dedicated New York Personal Injury Attorneys

Flushing , NY

Satisfied Clients Are the Best Indicator of Success At The Orlow Firm, our lawyers work hard to obtain the highest-possible compensation for every client. When we obtain five-, six- and seven-figure awards for our injured clients, we know we are delivering the legal service that our clients deserve.

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We've helped 215 clients find attorneys today.
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